for kubernetes

Prevent API security vulnerabilities from drifting into production, gain deep visibility, and meet compliance requierements.

UP9 works in pre-production environments (e.g. CI, staging, canary). See results in under 5 minutes without coding or SDKs.

make sure your APIs are production-ready

Automatic Discovery &

Deep Visibility

Automatically and continuously discover all internal, external, and third-party APIs. Document API schema, payload, parameters, and sensitive data early to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities drifting into production.

Ghosts, Zombies & Conformance

to OpenAPI specs

Gain awareness of undocumented and deprecated APIs as well as the data they expose. Validate that your APIs conform with your existing OpenAPI specs. If you don't have OpenAPI specs, UP9 will create a baseline by reconstructing OpenAPI specs from traffic.

Up-to-date API Inventory and

change tracking

UP9 autogenerates and maintain in version control an up-to-date, complete inventory of your APIs and exposed sensitive data. Meet compliance requirements and keep track of all API changes to meet compliance requirements.

Detail & report exposed

sensitive data

Automatically document every API that sends or consumes PII and other sensitive data, such as social security numbers, IBAN, or Account IDs. Flag the sensitive information that assists in risk scoring and compliance audits.