UP9 CLI Installation

Make sure you have the UP9 hardware prerequisites and get started installing the UP9 Command Line Interface (CLI) below.


The UP9 CLI requires NPM or Brew, and the following hardware resources:

MetricCPU (min-max)Memory (min-max)Storage
UP9 Agent (one per cluster)100m-500m100Mi-512Mi
UP9 Collector (one per cluster node)100m-750m50Mi-500Mi
UP9 Sidecar (one per monitored pod)100m-500m1Mi-50Mi
UP9 Auth Helper100m-500m1Mi-256Mi

Hardware resource requirements for the passive tapper (network layer listener):

Rotations per minute2000 rpm
Max data volume per minute15 MB/minute

UP9 Command Line Interface

First, sign up for UP9 using this link: https://up9.app/signup.

Next, install the UP9 CLI using Node Package Manager:

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npm i -g up9

or Brew:

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brew tap up9inc/brew && brew install up9

Finally, with your browser open and your UP9 account logged in, authenticate the UP9 CLI:

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up9 auth:login
The CLI will complete the authentication in the browser.

Stopping UP9

To stop UP9 from listening to your traffic, navigate to your workspace in the Organization Settings screen. Select Pause in the Tapping Sources menu.


UP9 will ask you to confirm. If you see a Paused Successfully popup, UP9 has paused listening to traffic in your workspace.


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: