Alert to Slack

For every test run completed, UP9 can send an alert based on the following criteria:

  • Any test run - get a reliability report for every completed test.
  • Reliability decreased - once the reliability score drops, receive an alert.
  • New failures - every time a test fails for the first time.

Slack WebHooks

  1. Open your Slack workspace App Directory, for example
  2. Search for the App Incoming WebHooks, for example
  3. Add the app to a specific channel (e.g. #up9-alerts)
  4. With the Hook URL received (e.g. go to the Test Profile Alerts section to configure your alerts.

Configure Alerts

  1. Open the Test Profile dialog and configure profiles.
  2. Edit the test profile in order to change scheduling / alerts criteria.
  3. Go to alerts section and insert the Slack hook URL. Click Test to verify.
  4. Save and exit. You can now run the test manually or wait for the next scheduled test cycle to see your alert.

You're all done. Good job!


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: