The Contracts page displays services, endpoints, and the interactions between them. These interactions are governed by contracts between the downstream service (consumer) and the upstream service (provider) and lists all the methods with which a consumer can interact with the provider.


Schema, Traffic, and Try It Now allow you to explore each request and response.


Schema displays requests and responses and the parameters they require.


Traffic displays the traffic flow within the current workspace, including headers, body, and HTTP responses for each request.

Try It Now

Try It Now builds contract tests, authenticates connections, and tests it with Test Builder.


Authentication displays current authentication settings in the contract test. Authentication You can change the type of authentication with the drop-down menu. For example, to test a contract that uses token exhange, select Token Exchange and define your Request and Payload parameters. Other authentication options include custom, which provides authentication requests with Python, or OAuth 2.0 bearer token. Authentication Settings Save for all Endpoints applies this authentication across all services in the current workspace.

Test Builder

The Test Builder window displays editable test code and data. Test Builder


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: