What Is UP9?

As developers of open-source and commercial applications, and through our decade-long journey working with enterprise customers enabling them to shift testing to the left, we came to the realization that testing is broken! You can read more about it here.

End-to-end testing, the most popular testing strategy today, was designed to test web and mobile applications, however testing systems comes with a new set of challenges like having a growing number of services that need to be tested, as well as the dependency of these service teams on integrated test environments.

Contract Testing holds great promise for testing Cloud Native systems. It can be used to prevent software regressions in complex distributed systems, scaling across any number of services and requiring about the same level of effort whether you have 5, 500, or 5,000 services.

UP9 is a microservice testing platform for Cloud Native systems. It uses an instant and effortless form of Contract Testing. UP9 helps increase engineering productivity by enabling developers to reduce the time they spend building tests and maintaining costly test environments.

Get Started

All of the features described in this section are part of our "Getting Started" package and are free of charge! You can read more about it here.

You can see UP9 in action by browsing this instant live demo as a guest, or watch this movie:



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