Observability with UP9


UP9 uses observers to view requests, responses, errors, bodies, and headers as traffic is generated in your project. This saves your developers valuable time usually spent in testing by providing visibility into every service contract, dependency, contract schema, and traffic log.

Once UP9 is installed and your services are connected and generating traffic, go to the traffic viewer in UP9.


The traffic viewer shows us every request and response observed by UP9.

Traffic viewer

Filter traffic by service, method, status, source, and processing state to proactively troubleshoot.


Let's say we're having problems creating a user's shipping information. We want to observe POST requests from front end to the user service.

Filtering traffic

Now, we can see all traffic flowing from the front end to the user service. We can further filter to see just errors:

Filtering traffic

... and we're curious about the request method, so we sort by POST.

Filtering method

Now that we've narrowed down our search, we can see not only all POST requests, but their responses, too.

filtering traffic

In the response, we find an Invalid ID Hex. Now that we've found our problem, we can solve it.


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