Mizu is a simple but powerful API traffic viewer for Kubernetes that helps you troubleshoot and debug your microservices. Think TCPDump and Chrome Dev Tools combined.

Mizu Quickstart

Install Mizu in your Mac terminal:

curl -O https://static.up9.com/mizu/main/darwin.amd64/mizu && chmod 755 ./mizu

Or Linux:

curl -O https://static.up9.com/mizu/main/linux.amd64/mizu && chmod 755 ./mizu

Run mizu with a Kubernetes pod name, for example: mizu tap <pod name>

You should have kubectl configured to run against your Kubernetes cluster.

To see mizu’s standalone UI, point your browser to http://localhost:8899/.


Using Mizu

Assume this is a list of our running pods:

Kubernetes Pods

To view traffic of a specific pod, identified by the pod name: mizu tap catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q

The above command will display traffic on the catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q pod.

To view traffic of several pods, identified by a regular expression: mizu tap "(catalo*|front-end*)"

The above command will observe the traffic of the following pods as their names match the regular expression:

  • catalogue-6676dc489b-6tx9h
  • catalogue-db-69bd898747-7p8rq
  • front-end-946fd755f-8t6gp

Learn More

Learn more about Mizu at http://getmizu.io/


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: