Swagger and Postman in Mizu

Mizu is fundamentally a traffic viewer, but by passing the traffic to UP9 for analysis, we can export Swagger, Postman, and Open API test collections. This guide will show you how!

Note: The --analyze function is still in beta testing.


When you tap your pods with Mizu, adding the --analyze flag will pass your traffic data to UP9 for analysis. You don't need an UP9 membership to use the traffic viewer.

Mizu will tell you your According to your request, we are sending your traffic to UP9 for analysis. Press^Cto exit this process.

Note: The above message is still under review.

In the Mizu UI at https://localhost:8899/, after about a minute, an ANALYSIS button will appear in the upper-right corner. This button will open the UP9 UI.

Export Spec from UP9

In the UP9 UI, select the EXPORT SPEC button in the Contracts tab to download a ZIP of tests, mocks, and contracts built from the observed Mizu traffic.

The contracts folder contains Open API spec (Swagger) JSON files.

The tests folder contains both regular and simple Postman tests.

To use the Postman tests, open Postman, click "Import" and select UP9.postman_collection.json from your file system.

Learn More

Learn more about Mizu at GetMizu.io or join our community Slack at up9.slack.com.