Mizu CLI

Here is how you interact with the Mizu Command Line Interface.


mizu [COMMAND]

Available Commands

  • fetch - Download recorded traffic to files. This downloads traffic as a HAR file to your current directory.
  • help - Help about any mizu command. (Also -h or --help)
  • tap - Record incoming traffic of a Kubernetes pod.
  • version - Print version info.
  • view - Open GUI in browser.

Tapping Pods

To tap a Kubernetes pod by name:

mizu tap <pod name>

To tap selected pods with a regular expression:

mizu tap {pod_name_regex}

To tap all pods with a regular expression:

mizu tap ".*"

After tapping your pods, Mizu will tell you that "Mizu is available at https://localhost:8899/". Visit the link from Mizu to view traffic in the Mizu UI.

Optional Flags

--no-guifalseDon't host the web interface (not applicable at the moment)
--gui-port8899local port that web interface will be forwarded to
--namespaceuse namespace different than the one found in kubeconfig
--kubeconfigPath to custom kubeconfig file
--analyzeSend recorded traffic to UP9 for analysis. This function is still in beta mode.

There are some extra flags defined in code that will show up in mizu --help.

Stop Mizu

Use ^C to stop Mizu.

Learn More

Learn more about Mizu at GetMizu.io or join our community Slack at up9.slack.com.