Tapping Pods

Assume this is a list of our running pods:

Kubernetes Pods

To display traffic on the catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q pod:

mizu tap catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q

To view traffic of several pods, identified by a regular expression:

mizu tap "(catalo*|front-end*)"

The above command will observe the traffic of the following pods as their names match the regular expression "(catalo*|front-end*)":

  • catalogue-6676dc489b-6tx9h
  • catalogue-db-69bd898747-7p8rq
  • cataloront-end-946fd755f-8t6gp

After tapping your pods, Mizu will tell you that "Web interface is now available at https://localhost:8899/". Visit the link from Mizu to view traffic in the Mizu UI.

Mizu UI

Here, Mizu is waiting for traffic to be generated. Generate traffic in your pods and observe as Mizu observes traffic in real time.

Learn More

Learn more about Mizu at GetMizu.io or join our community Slack at up9.slack.com.