Mizu is a simple-but-powerful API traffic viewer for Kubernetes that helps you troubleshoot and debug your microservices. Think TCPDump and Chrome Dev Tools combined.

Mizu Quickstart

Install Mizu in your Mac terminal:

curl -O https://static.up9.com/mizu/main/darwin.amd64/mizu && chmod 755 ./mizu

Or Linux:

curl -O https://static.up9.com/mizu/main/linux.amd64/mizu && chmod 755 ./mizu

Run mizu with a Kubernetes pod name, for example: mizu tap <pod name>

You should have kubectl configured to run against your Kubernetes cluster.

To see mizu’s standalone UI, point your browser to http://localhost:8899/.


Using Mizu

Assume this is a list of our running pods:

Kubernetes Pods

To view traffic of a specific pod, identified by the pod name: mizu tap catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q

The above command will display traffic on the catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q pod.

To view traffic of several pods, identified by a regular expression: mizu tap "(catalo*|front-end*)"

The above command will observe the traffic of the following pods as their names match the regular expression:

  • catalogue-6676dc489b-6tx9h
  • catalogue-db-69bd898747-7p8rq
  • front-end-946fd755f-8t6gp

Learn More

Learn more about Mizu at http://getmizu.io/


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: