Organization Settings

The Organization Settings page displays UP9 global settings.

Organization Settings


Workspaces displays your organization's saved workspaces. Open a workspace for configuration options.

  • GitHub Settings: Set up your GitHub repo, and select whether UP9 pushes to GitHub manually, or on every change.
  • Tapping Sources: Pause this workspace's tapping sources. UP9 will ask for confirmation first.
  • Advanced Settings: Code advanced settings.
  • Danger Zone: Delete the current workspace. It's permanent!

Tapping Sources

Tapping Sources displays what service traffic is being tapped and monitored by UP9.


Users displays current users.


Clusters displays and configures active clusters.


  • The Kafka Connection String field defines this cluster's Kafka connector. Learn more about connecting UP9 to Kafka here.
  • SSL/TLS defines this cluster's security protocol.
  • Save downloads this cluster's logs in a zip file.

Invite Users

Invite users allows you to invite new users. Select Create Invite to generate an invitation link.


API displays your application access key. Select View Secret to display Client ID (public identifier) and Client Secret (known only to application and authentication server).

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security configures sensitive request headers. Add or delete headers to be hidden by UP9.


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