UP9 Artifacts in Postman

After exporting the tests, mocks, and contracts archive, you can run tests, mock servers, and environments with this data with Postman. We'll show you how.

Download UP9 Artifacts

Select "Export Spec" in the UP9 Contracts page.

Download Tests, Mocks and Contracts

This will download a ZIP of the tests, mocks, and contracts UP9 has built from observing traffic in your workspace.

Import Artifacts to Postman

Your Postman JSON files are the in the tests folder of the downloaded ZIP.

Select "File -> Import" in Postman, and select the UP9.postman_collection JSON in tests/postman. Postman will consume this file as a collection of Postman tests. You can now test and mock this imported collection.

Importing Postman Files

Full and Simple Postman Tests

We also have simple Postman tests available in tests/postman-simple. Differences between simple and full Postman tests:

  • No Data Driven Tests
  • No chained requests
  • No assertions / test scripts
  • It's a simple Postman collection


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: