Service Dependencies Map

The Service Dependencies Map displays the service architecture in your current Workspace. UP9 builds this model based on service traffic flowing from observers, and maps all service dependencies and creates API contracts to produce a complete OpenAPI specification across all endpoints.

Services Map

Note: A service's color or size in the map is not important.

View Dependencies

Select any service to view its dependencies. For example, select the orders.sock-shop service to view its dependencies and protocol in a pop-up window.

Services Dependencies

Links Display

Change which data links the Services Map displays with the toggle sliders in the upper-right corner of the map.

  • Show Data Links displays the movement of data between services. The dotted lines represent data moving between exposed endpoints.
  • Show Kafka Links displays Kafka connectors for event streaming.
  • Free Form Graph lets you click and drag services independently to display the map any way you’d like.
  • Show Clients displays client services.

Services Display

Change which services are displayed in the Services Map. Select the Focus On Service-Name field and choose which services you'd like to see.

See Workspaces for more info.


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