Generate UP9 Access Keys

UP9 and Authentication Overview

UP9 auto-discovers your authentication architecture by observing service traffic.

UP9 can locate scope, username, password, API tokens, authentication headers, and more, then embed these elements into the automatically generated test-code, so that the test-code will go through a complete authentication process.

UP9 observes service traffic and employs multiple techniques using its Authentication Helper to automatically discover authentication details necessary to run successful tests later.

UP9 uses access keys in order to authenticate CLI and test agents.

Generate UP9 Access Keys

There are two ways to obtain your UP9 access keys:

UP9 Application UI

  1. Log in to the UP9 UI at
  2. Locate your user profile in the bottom left, and select Organization Settings.
  3. In the API section, click on View secret.

API Token


In the UP9 CLI, enter:

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up9 auth:apikey

The CLI will return your UP9 access keys:

  • Client ID: xxxx…xx
  • Client Secret: yyyy…yyyyy

Now you have your UP9 access keys. Good job!


For support, feel free to use any one of the three: