Installing UP9 using Docker-Compose

Installing UP9 using Docker-Compose requires three steps:

  1. Sign Up & Install
  2. Create an UP9 Docker-Compose Config File
  3. Launch Docker-Compose

Step (1/3): Sign Up & Install

To install, please sign up using this link: You can ignore the on-screen instructions for now. To use Docker-Compose, you need to install the UP9 CLI.

Install the UP9 CLI using NPM:

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npm i -g up9

Or, with Brew:

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brew tap up9inc/brew && brew install up9

Assuming your browser is open and you are logged in to your UP9 account, authenticate the UP9 CLI:

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up9 auth:login

The CLI will use the browser to complete the authentication.

Step (2/3): Create an UP9 Docker-Compose Config File

Change directories to your docker-compose folder and run the following command:

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up9 tap:create-docker-compose <workspace-name>

Here is an example of an output: docker-compose A new file will be generated named docker-compose-up9.yml that includes configuration instructions for UP9.

Step (3/3): Launch Docker-Compose

To launch, use the following command:

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docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose-up9.yml up

Training the UP9 Models

UP9 works by observing service traffic. The more traffic UP9 observes, the more information it has to train its models. To generate traffic, you can simply use the system, or run pre-existing end-to-end tests.

Service Contracts

service contracts See how your services interact with each other based on traffic, as well as export to Swagger format.

Traffic Log

dependency map See the actual traffic observed by UP9 (think of Chrome Dev Tools for your cluster).

Poking, Troubleshooting and Interacting with your Services

interacting with your services in real time Payload is ready to send. Customize it or send it as-is. Poke and interact with your services in real time with immediate feedback.

Dependency Map

dependency map

Example of a service dependency map.

What’s Next

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully calibrate the UP9 models. Once models are generated, you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

UP9 should free up some time for you to start a new hobby :) Enjoy!


For support, feel free to use any one of the three:

  • Schedule time with an UP9 staff member using this link.
  • Email
  • Use our in-app messaging application to start a conversation.