DevOps - Kubernetes expert

About Testr

Testr is start-up company that aims to revolutionize software testing. Founded by experienced tech executives and well-funded, Testr is building *autonomous testing* solution for cloud-native applications - enabling software developers to increase productivity and efficiently test their modern web applications.

Software development world has changed dramatically over last decade, though the process of testing software applications hasn’t. The rise of cloud computing, mobile applications, cloud-native technologies has created an opportunity to change this. We at Testr are utilizing cutting edge technologies to revolutionize the way software applications are tested.

Engineers should not spend hours creating and maintaining their tests, just to discover they are broken again and again with every release; engineers can’t spending days setting up complex environments just to verify their app performs as expected. Testr solution will help developers achieve this dream.

Join founding team of Testr - start-up company founded to change the world of software testing.

So what will your days at Testr entail?

  • As a member of the founding team - participate in defining, shaping and building the Testr products
  • Programming application automation and developer tools to allow for smooth and effective day-to-day activity.
  • Collaborating with developers & product teams to build the product, optimize application performance, reliability and scale.

Does this describe you?

  • At least 3 years of DevOps experience with SaaS products in modern cloud env
  • Through understanding of web technologies, web app architecture and Linux
  • Excellent knowledge of
    • Linux system & network administration
    • Cloud-native stack - Kubernetes, Docker
  • Programming experience with Python/shell

Bonus points for:

  • Good command of cloud stack (AWS, GCP)
  • Experience with infra-as-code tools, such as Helm/Terraform
  • Experience Jenkins pipelines

Increase your engineering productivity
through effortless testing & instant virtualization.