KubeCon 2021

At UP9, we had a busy summer.

We released a new version of our open source API observability project: Mizu.

Additionally, we’ve found new ways to help developers, notably when it comes to using Postman for instantaneous API testing.

We also expanded our team, adding sales professionals, marketing specialists, solution architects and more. All of this was to prepare for our company’s first KubeCon, and an important next few months.

KubeCon 2021

It was a great week at KubeCon for the UP9 team. We were proud to be one of the 98 new Silver members (a record number) with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®).

At KubeCon, some of our co-founders and new team members attended the live event. We held the following live sessions:

  1. API Observability and Contract Monitoring

  2. Reconstruct OpenAPI Specs From Microservices Traffic

  3. Auto Service Mock Generation

  4. Autogenerate Codified Test Cases & Postman Collections

We also gave away free swag (shirts, masks and more), and gave booth participants a chance to win 15 Yeti mics.

From a virtual perspective, we were excited to see over 400 viewers of our virtual booth throughout the week. Additionally, one of our solutions architects gave two live demos:

  1. Intro to Traffic Observability

  2. Traffic Observability Advanced Topics

Additional updates

We have recently updated our homepage to include new messaging and details about our latest products and services. Stay tuned for additional updates.

We also released a new video, inspired by the upcoming new Matrix movie:

What’s next?

UP9 has many plans for the next few months and beyond.

We will be releasing new case studies highlighting some of the great work we’ve done with current customers. We will also continue to improve our open-source product, Mizu.

In September, we released a new version of Mizu. Version 0.14.0 features the following:

  1. Support for new protocols: AMQP, Kafka

  2. Added new docs: Code of Conduct, Testing Guidelines

  3. Improved test coverage by adding new acceptance test

  4. In case of new version, a CLI (download) command will be shown (no need to open a web browser)

We are looking forward to improving Mizu even more in the future. Stay tuned for additional updates.