Installing UP9 using Docker Compose

Installing UP9 using Docker Compose requires three steps:

  1. Sign Up & Install
  2. Create an UP9 Docker-Compose Config File
  3. Launch Docker-Compose

Step (1/3): Sign Up & Install

To install, please sign up using this link: To use Docker Compose, you need to install the UP9 CLI.

Install the UP9 CLI using NPM:

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npm i -g up9

Assuming your browser is open and you are logged in to your UP9 account, authenticate the UP9 CLI:

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up9 auth:login

The CLI will use the browser to complete the authentication.

Step (2/3): Create an UP9 Docker Compose Config File

Change directories to your docker-compose folder and run the following command:

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up9 tap:create-docker-compose <workspace-name>

Here is an example of an output: docker-compose A new file will be generated named docker-compose-up9.yml that includes configuration instructions for UP9.

Step (3/3): Launch Docker-Compose

To launch, use the following command:

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docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose-up9.yml up


For support, feel free to use any one of the three:

  • Schedule time with an UP9 staff member using this link.
  • Email
  • Use our in-app messaging application to start a conversation.