Today, testing-related activities like test planning, scripting, environments, and automation can take more than 25% of developers’ and devops’ time, time that is invested between the CODE and DEPLOY stages. Testing is reported to be the number one reason releases are delayed1.

Developer Workload is Huge

Enter Quality-Aware Applications

Quality-aware applications have a sense of quality, as it is perceived from production, and represented by regression.

This futuristic type of application can continuously improve its own quality while gradually decreasing time and resources required by developers to invest in testing-related activities.

Quality Aware Applications

Applications become quality-aware by establishing a feedback loop between the production and development environments. Regression and other forms of testing become autonomous background processes, continuously uncovering defects.

Manual tasks like test-planning, test-scripting and test-environments creation and maintenance, can now be replaced with the mere supervision of the otherwise autonomous and hands-off process that include auto-discovery, automatic generation, and maintenance of tests-scripts, as well as instant availability of lightweight test-dev environments.

Developers can focus on coding while bugs and defects automatically surface, facilitating a comprehensive and automatic test-coverage. This change in practice is expected to reduce developer testing workload by 80%, giving back time that can now be used to watch their favorite movies and play board games. Or, you know, actually building and developing.

The above was taken from one of UP9’s first pitch decks.

Who knows, maybe the future is just around the corner!


UP9 is a microservice testing platform for Cloud Native systems that can scale across any number of services. UP9 helps developers prevent software regressions and increase engineering productivity through effortless testing and instant virtualization.

  • Understand how services interact with each other with automatic contract discovery.
  • Ensure system-wide contract adherence with tests that write themselves.
  • Start testing early with test environments as code, automatically mocking all service dependencies.

UP9 offloads the microservice testing workload from developers, giving them precious time back.

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  1. From the GitLab 2020 DevSecOps report