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Webinar: What's New in the mocking and kubernetes world

Tom Akehurst and Refael Botbol Weiss talking about how to easily create and mock your kubernetes microservices using WireMock and Mizu.

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Webinar: Introduction to Mizu: the API Traffic Viewer for Kubernetes

Join us to learn about a new open-source API traffic viewing tool for Kubernetes developed by UP9 - Mizu.

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Webinar: Mocking NASA’s API with Open Source Mockintosh

Mocking microservices presents many challenges to testers and developers. We’ve developed open source Mockintosh, a lightweight and powerful tool API mock for microservices.

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Webinar: How Cycode Prevents Software Regressions in Kubernetes and Kafka

Watch our webinar to learn how Cycode’s VP Engineering, Dor Atias, implemented contract testing to prevent software regressions. It was a fascinating chat with UP9’s VP of Customer Experience: Refael Botbol Weiss.

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Webinar: How to Test & Debug Microservices Effortlessly to Improve Productivity

Developers spend a lot of time testing and debugging code instead of writing new features. Being able to proactively trigger problems and identify the root cause, can help developers quickly identify and fix problems.

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